With an eye for detail, a keen sense of colour and interior design, plus decades of international experience, we are perfectly placed to create striking first impressions and deliver bold concepts.

Motivated by innovation, we specialise in modern paintings, exclusive photo art, and murals, and are proud to work with architects, artists, interior designers, galleries, hotels, restaurants, clubs and more.

We work directly with a number of selected artists from around the globe, often having exclusive access to ‘Limited Edition’ and ‘Statement’ pieces. We are adaptable and can scale our services to meet your unique demands, for example through co-operative events and pop-ups.

Below you can see some samples of artwork from the different genres we have in our portfolio.

/International Contemporary Art

We pride ourselves on our collaborative processes, sourcing art from our partner galleries across the globe and showcasing work from a diverse spectrum of contemporary artists from a variety of backgrounds, schools, and disciplines.

/Masterpiece Collection

We work with international artists to source and showcase a range of limited edition high-end luxury art pieces or collections. Combining special materials like liquid gloss, metal paint and resin produces original and exceptional results that enhance any environment and create the ultimate finishing touch.

/Art Photo

We have access to a wide variety of styles and photographers, spanning black and white fine art photography, multimedia contemporary, artistic nudes, surrealistic photography, pop art, and nature photography. The images are available as original artist proofs, photos on plexiglass, and digital prints, meaning we will be sure to source the perfect pieces for your needs.

/Art Wallpaper & Murals

Turn your walls into your own art gallery, and let our unique, custom made wallpaper immerse you in an atmosphere of beauty, serenity and mystery.

Our art wallpaper and murals are made of printed paper on wooden boards and can be adapted to any style, whether vintage or contemporary, to enhance the existing décor of your space.

Prices vary depending on size, up to a maximum of 260cm high. To streamline the process and minimise client cost, we ship our murals disassembled to be put together at the location. Assembly is simple, as all components needed for the murals’ construction are included, and the boards are clearly numbered.